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The following are some basic examples of genetics.  For more complex pairings or for further details, please contact us.

Split to means that the bird carries another color gene, but does not physically show it in coloration.

India Blue and Black Shoulder

India Blue X India Blue = 100% India Blue (IB)

Black Shoulder X Black Shoulder = 100% Black Shoulder (BS)

India Blue X Black Shoulder = 100% IB split BS

IB split BS X IB split BS = 75% IB; 25% BS

BS X IB split BS = 50% IB; 50% BS


White X White = 100% White

White X India Blue = 100% IB split White

IB split White X IB split White = 75% IB; 25% White

White X IB split White = 50% White; 50% IB

No matings of India Blue and White will EVER produce Pied.


Pied is a pattern that can be produced in any color of peafowl.  We will use India Blue Pied as an example. 

India Blue Pied X India Blue Pied = 25% White; 25% Dark IB Pied; 50% IB Pied

IB Pied X White = 50% IB Pied; 50% White

Dark IB Pied X IB Pied = 50% IB Pied; 50% Dark IB Pied

Dark IB Pied X White = 100% IB Pied

Silver Pied

Like Pied, Silver Pied is a pattern that can be produced in any color of peafowl.  

Silver Pied X Silver Pied = 25% White; 25% Dark Silver Pied White Eyed; 50% Silver Pied

Silver Pied X White = 50% Silver Pied; 50% White

Dark Silver Pied White Eyed X Silver Pied = 50% Silver Pied; 50% Dark Silver Pied White Eyed

Dark Silver Pied White Eyed X White = 100% Silver Pied

We will illustrate in pictures what is meant by Dark Silver Pied White Eyed.

09_IB_silver_pied_dark_pied_hen.JPG (103257 bytes)    09_IB_silver_pied_dark_pied_hen_wings_open.JPG (118272 bytes)

The bird shown above is a Dark India Blue Silver Pied White Eyed hen, which is illustrated by her primarily India Blue coloring, with small amounts of white showing in each wing, a small white patch on her throat latch, and the white tipped feathers on her back.  If this was a male, the white would show up in the same areas.  This bird shows characteristics of a white eyed hen, since she is produced from silver pied parents.  Remember:  All silver pied peafowl are also white eyed peafowl.

Purple, Cameo, & Peach

All of these colors behave the same and are sex linked recessive colors.  We will use Cameo as an example.

Cameo Male X India Blue Hen = Males: IB split to Cameo; Females: Cameo

IB Male X Cameo Hen = Males: IB split to Cameo; Females: IB

IB Male split Cameo X Cameo Hen = Males: 50% Cameo, 50% IB split Cameo; Females: 50% Cameo, 50% IB

Cameo Male X Cameo Hen = 100% Cameo Males & Females 


Spalding peafowl are hybrid crosses between a green parent and any other peafowl variety.


Spalding White, Spalding Purple, Spalding Bronze, etc. 

The continued breeding of peafowl by breeders around the world has resulted in over 200 approved varieties of peafowl.  Please visit the UPA website to see a list of these approved varieties.

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