Preparing and Wrapping a Male's Tail for Shipping


A 1ft wide by 3ft long piece of burlap.

Burlapwrap1x3feet.jpg (104878 bytes)

The bird is held by the feet.

Peacockheldbyfeet.jpg (74044 bytes)

The wings are held away from the body and the burlap is secured with a zip tie at the base of the tail, up against the back of the bird.  Make sure the zip tie is as tight as possible, so the burlap does not slide down the tail during transit.

Tailwrapatbaseofbody.jpg (64508 bytes)    Tailwrapfirstcinchtie.jpg (69999 bytes) 

The burlap is snuggly wrapped around the entire length of the tail and secured with zip ties every foot.  Make sure to trim the excess zip tie.

Tailwrapcomplete.jpg (100461 bytes)    

The male is now ready to ship.

A Horizon Micro Environments Large NEST container is used.  This is the largest shipping container allowed by the USPS.

LargeNestcontainer.jpg (52221 bytes)

Wood shavings are used as bedding in the container.

LargeNestcontaineraddwoodshavings.jpg (57923 bytes)    LargeNestcontainerwithwoodshavings.jpg (53688 bytes)

The male is placed inside the container and his wrapped tail is curled around the perimeter of the container.

Peacockincontainer.jpg (79178 bytes)

Ready to ship.

LargeNestcontainersideprint.jpg (53847 bytes)

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