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Scooby Doo!!

Our new golden retriever puppy has arrived!  We picked up ourScoobyMay2.jpg (44966 bytes) little bundle of joy on May 12th, when he was 8 1/2 weeks old.  We are working on housetraining and we are now on our fourth day, as of May 20th, with no accidents in the house!  Thank goodness!  Lisa is pretty tired of cleaning up those accidents!  Scooby sleeps through the night, though, his perception of "night" isScoobyMay.jpg (194268 bytes) quite different from Lisa's.  He is raring to go at 5:30 am!  By the way, Lisa defines that as night, not morning.  We are hoping that he will come to appreciate the practice of sleeping in.  Of course, Craig is quite the morning person and is highly amused that we have a morning puppy!  (Lisa is not amused.)  

Two of Scooby's favorite things to eat are mulch and gravel andScoobyMayLillies.jpg (80547 bytes) we have plenty of both at our house.  We are hoping that he out grows his taste for these two things.  Very soon.  He also LOVES to take a running leap into our daylillies.  We are also working on this problem.  

Scooby starts puppy kindergarten classes in June.  We are hoping he will be a star pupil!

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