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More Scooby!!

Scooby is growing so fast!  He will soon be 5 months old and he's growing like a weed!  He's already losing his puppy fur and puppy teeth.  He will be full grown before we know it!  

He's now fully house trained, so we are happy campers.  We, I mean Lisa, is even more thrilled that Scooby no longer wants to get up at 5:30 every morning!  He is usually content to wait until we are up before wanting to go out.  Now if we could just train him to let himself out and then go back to sleep, that would be nice!

He has one more puppy class left before he graduates.  He is doing very well.  I was hoping he would clearly be the valedictorian, however, the competition is fierce between Scooby and Dallas, the other Golden Retriever in the class.  He can sit, speak, lay, and shake with both verbal commands and hand signals.  We are going to enroll him in an obedience class very soon.  

Stay tuned for more pictures!!

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