Purple Silver Pied

Yearling hens shown below

Purplesilverpiedhen.jpg (55119 bytes)    Purplesilverpiedhena.jpg (58318 bytes)    

Purplesilverpiedhenupclose.jpg (57491 bytes)    Purplesilverpiedhenupclosea.jpg (61716 bytes)

The following is a look at silver pied genetics.  For more details, see our Genetics section.

Silver Pied X Silver Pied = 25% White; 25% Dark Silver Pied White Eyed; 50% Silver Pied

Silver Pied X White = 50% Silver Pied; 50% White

Dark Silver Pied White Eyed X Silver Pied = 50% Silver Pied; 50% Dark Silver Pied White Eyed

Dark Silver Pied White Eyed X White = 100% Silver Pied

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