Peafowl Pictures
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Peafowl Pictures

Click on the peafowl colors below to view pictures.

Black Shoulder                           Opal 

Black Shoulder Silver Pied            Opal Black Shoulder

Buford Bronze                            Peach

Buford Bronze Black Shoulder       Purple 

Cameo                                      Purple Black Shoulder  

Cameo Black Shoulder                 Purple Black Shoulder Pied

Cameo Pied White Eyed               Purple Pied 

Green, Muticus Muticus (Java)      Purple Pied White Eye

Green, Muticus Spicifer (Burmese) Purple Silver Pied

India Blue                                 Siepel Black Shoulder

India Blue Pied                          Spalding Purple Black Shoulder

India Blue Silver Pied                  White 

Midnight Black Shoulder                                        

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