Rhea Chick Sexing
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Rhea Chick Sexing

The photos below illustrate how to determine gender of one month old rhea chicks.  This method, vent sexing, can be used on rhea chicks from 2 week old up to adults.  We do not recommend vent sexing chicks younger than 2 weeks, due to the danger of rupturing the internal yolk sack.

The proper method of carrying a rhea chick.

Proper_holding_of_rhea_chick.jpg (82915 bytes)   

Turn it upside down and hold the crossed legs tightly.

Proper_holding_of_rhea_chick_for_vent_sexing.jpg (135548 bytes)   

Invert the vent, looking for the reproductive organs.  This is a female chick, shown below.

Sexing_a_female_rhea_chick.jpg (92508 bytes)

This is a male chick, shown below.

Sexing_a_male_rhea_chick.jpg (73272 bytes)

Most importantly, WASH your hands when you are done!!!  Icky!!

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