Rhea Feathers
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Rhea Feathers

We maintain an inventory of hundreds of feathers from white and grey rhea.  Most of our feathers are clipped directly from the birds to ensure the best quality and color.  Feather prices depend on type, quantity desired, and size.  Please inquire for price information.

White rhea feathers of all types have a wide variety of uses since they readily accept dyes.  Some examples are fishing lures, hat plumes, feather dusters, and cat toys.  

Wing plumes

Minus_16_inch_wing_plumes_white.jpg (40916 bytes)    Plus_16_inch_wing_plumes_white.jpg (45556 bytes)    Plus_16_inch_wing_plumes_white_B.jpg (37509 bytes)    IMG_5617.JPG (102963 bytes)IMG_5619.JPG (102228 bytes)

Various body and wing covert feathers

White_rhea_body_and_wing_cover_feathers.jpg (40980 bytes)

Grey rhea wing covert, small wing plume, and body feathers

Grey_rhea_black__and_grey_wing_cover_feathers.jpg (35299 bytes)    Grey_rhea_black_wing_cover_feathers.jpg (32834 bytes)    Grey_rhea_feathers.jpg (34679 bytes)

Shown below are a few examples of fishing flys & lures that have been tied with our feathers.

Fly_Collage_Chris_Taylor_0209.jpg (134171 bytes)    

Chris Taylor of PA

Bull_trout_June.jpg (53773 bytes)    IMGP0541.jpg (85182 bytes)    Sea_Run_Bull_Trout_June.jpg (50263 bytes)    Todd_Fly_41.jpg (34843 bytes)

Satu Susimaki of Upstream Adventures, Inc.

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