Cameo Pied White Eyed

Breeder_Cameo_pied_white_eyed_male.jpg (58303 bytes)    Breeder_Cameo_pied_white_eyed_male_up_close.jpg (54387 bytes)    Cameo_pied_white_eyed_male.jpg (54313 bytes)

2 year olds

Cameo pied hen 2.jpg (63651 bytes)    Cameo pied male 2.jpg (68333 bytes)        

Yearlings shown below

08_Cameo_pied_white_eyed_hen.jpg (62916 bytes)    08_Cameo_pied_white_eyed_hen_top_view.jpg (59739 bytes)    08_Cameo_pied_white_eyed_male.jpg (62805 bytes)    08_Cameo_pied_white_eyed_male_top_view.jpg (59419 bytes)

Chick shown below

Img_0444.jpg (53702 bytes)

For details on genetics of pied peafowl, see our Genetics section.

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