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Peafowl for Sale

Peafowl of all ages are for sale at our farm year round.  Peafowl can be picked up at the farm by appointment or we can ship the peafowl to you via Express Mail through the USPS.  See Shipping Information page for example shipping costs and the range of temperatures that we can ship peafowl.

We raise peafowl in the following varieties:

Black Shoulder 

Black Shoulder Pied

Black Shoulder White Eyed

Black Shoulder Pied White Eyed

Black Shoulder Silver Pied

Black Shoulder split to Midnight BS 

Black Shoulder split to Buford Bronze

Buford Bronze

Buford Bronze White Eyed

Buford Bronze Black Shoulder


Cameo Pied

Cameo White Eyed

Cameo Pied White Eyed 

Cameo Silver Pied

India Blue 

India Blue split to Buford Bronze (split to BS)

India Blue Pied

India Blue White Eyed

India Blue Pied White Eyed

India Blue Silver Pied 

Green, Muticus-Muticus (Javanese)

Green, Muticus-Spicifer (Burmese)


Midnight Black Shoulder 


Peach White Eyed


Purple Pied

Purple White Eyed

Purple Pied White Eyed

Purple Silver Pied

Purple Black Shoulder


Spalding Purple


Please contact us for pricing and availability of peafowl that are for sale as our inventory changes frequently.

Peachicks can be picked up at the farm by appointment.  In order to sex many varieties, the chicks have to be at least one month old.  Peachicks are not shipped until they reach 2-3 months of age.  At this age, most varieties can be sexed and the chicks can handle the stress of shipping.

We hatch peachicks from mid May to late August.

We do not sell our eggs for hatching.

**White chicks can not be accurately sexed until they are almost 1 year of age so they are sold as unsexed.  We have raised white peafowl for more than 20 years and we will do our best to pick out males and females as requested but no guarantee of gender will be given until the white chicks reach 1 year of age.

All peafowl listed above are out of an NPIP certified flock, #32-276.  Peafowl are shipped via Express Mail through the USPS when temperatures are above 35 degrees F and below 85 degrees F.  Paypal payments are accepted.

Please email or call for current prices and availability.

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