Peafowl Feathers
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Peafowl Feathers

We maintain an inventory of hundreds of feathers of all colors shown below.  The majority of our feathers are clipped from the male before the annual molt.  This ensures that the feathers are in excellent condition.  Feather prices depend on color, type, quantity desired, and size.  Please inquire for price information.

White peacock feathers of all types have a wide variety of uses since they readily accept dyes.  Some examples are fishing lures, hat plumes, wedding flower arrangements, centerpieces, cat toys, and Christmas ornaments.  

Indiablueeyefeathers.jpg (124212 bytes)            bssilverpiedmalebreedereeyefeather.jpg (70896 bytes)            Indiablueeyefeathers.jpg (124212 bytes)

  Black Shoulder        Black Shoulder Silver Pied            India Blue

bssilverpiedmalebreedereeyefeather.jpg (70896 bytes)            Bronzeeyefeathers2.jpg (107105 bytes)            Eye feather.jpg (54847 bytes)

 Blue Silver Pied                Buford Bronze                Burmese Green

cameofeathera.jpg (59214 bytes)           Oatenfeathera.jpg (59214 bytes)            Male_2_year_eye_feather_up_close.jpg (120530 bytes)            

    Cameo                  Cameo Black Shoulder             Midnight          

OpalBSfeathera.jpg (85563 bytes)            Opalfeathera.jpg (85563 bytes)          

       Opal                    Opal Black Shoulder

Clustereyefeathers.jpg (78081 bytes)            Purple_eye_feather.JPG (118520 bytes)         

      Purple                        Purple                                 

whitemalebreederceyefeather.jpg (63863 bytes)    White_peacock_butterfly_feathers.jpg (60965 bytes)    White_peacock_sword_feathers.jpg (57754 bytes)    White_peacock_eye_feathers.jpg (66450 bytes)

    White            White Butterfly    White Sword          White Eyes

See below for peacock crafts made by our friend, Colton Anderson.  These figures are free standing or can be hung on a wall.

001_1.JPG (68423 bytes)    002_2.JPG (89631 bytes)    007_7.JPG (69907 bytes)    010_10.JPG (110390 bytes)    011_11.JPG (85834 bytes)     013_13.JPG (78589 bytes)    014_14.JPG (63251 bytes)    015_15.JPG (75382 bytes)016_16.JPG (71843 bytes) 

Please contact Colton directly, for pricing and availability.

Colton Anderson

Lost Nation, IA

(563) 678-2834

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