Peafowl Articles
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Peafowl Articles

Please note that the articles below are informational, based on our experience, for those that love peafowl.  The information contained in these articles may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without the express written consent of Hopkins' Alternative Livestock.  Hopkins' Alternative Livestock does not accept any responsibility for the use of this information by others than Hopkins' Alternative Livestock.  


Peafowl Egg Incubation

Peafowl Medications

Oral Dosing of Medications

Swelling of the Eye Sinuses

Training Peafowl to Stay at Home

Building a Heated Roost for Peafowl

Radiant Heat for Peafowl Housing

Nesting Boxes for Peafowl

Getting the Right Start

Peafowl Flight Pen Construction

Intramuscular Dosing of Medications

Pavo Muticus (Green) Peafowl

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